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Richard Bounds


With Winters Construction since



I make sure the subcontractors are completing their tasks, which could be dirt work, landscaping, framing, concrete, or anything in between from start to finish.


I’m remarried. My wife’s name is Angie and we have four kids and two grandkids.


When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family doing different things, fishing, hunting, softball, baseball or whatever it is my kids or grandkids may be doing.



My grandpa was a carpenter, so I followed him for years when I was a kid. Right out of high school, I became a crane operator off-shore for 10 years. When my first wife passed away and I had to be at home with my two little boys; I couldn’t travel. I went to work for a construction company in Hattiesburg, where I started as a concrete-form foreman. Within two years I was a superintendent. I also supervised mid-rise building prior to joining Winters.


I get up and go to work for my family every day, so we’re able to have nice things. And I love it. I found something that I like — something that’s not really a job to me. Most of the time the day goes by and I’m going, “Well, where did the day go, you know?”

Winters is a great company. It’s one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for. It’s laid-back, but organized. They believe in their employees. Winters is very family oriented. Whatever your family needs, they’ll do.