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Qwadre Clayton

Assistant Project Manager
Qwadre Clayton

With Winters Construction since



My job is to make sure all our operations run smoothly; to be an extra set of eyes, ears and hands; to get our superintendents what they need on-site; to make sure we get proper documentation on everything for our job sites. If I can take tasks from others and make their days easier, I’ve made us a more productive business.


We are newlyweds! Her name is Jade, we have a beautiful baby boy, Vincent who is 18 months old. We are expecting our second baby boy Theodore in June 2023!


I am extremely passionate about ALL THINGS sports. My favorite thing to do is watching the Ole Miss Rebels play football on Saturday’s. My favorite sports are football, and basketball, but I love the competition, and camaraderie that comes with playing and ALL watching sports.



I was born and raised in eastern Iowa, near the University of Iowa. I studied Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. After college in 2017 I was offered a job with a gas station chain, based out of Tupelo, Mississippi in their IT department. After taking that job I moved to Oxford, MS. While in Oxford I began to assist a friend with side IT work. Eventually we got too busy and this needed to become our full time job. I left that company to assist this friend with a start-up IT firm. I would go on to be the Project Manager for this company for the next 5+ years. We were licensed, network based surveillance and fire alarm systems installers. We also were IT consultants for various clients, and businesses, through-out the state of Mississippi. Winters Construction was one of our clients when I took this position with them, in the fall of 2022. Many might ask why leave? For me it was about growth, and learning new things, taking my skill set and applying it to a new field. That’s what excites me, is expanding my knowledge, and developing new skills, or even sharpening some old ones!


Some of the most important values to me are integrity, accountability, dependability, consistency, honesty and courage. I have many more values, but these were just a few that stuck out to me. It's important for me to act on these, not only within the work force, but also applying them in everyday life. Elvis Presley once said, “Values are like fingerprints, nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.” It really stuck out to me when I heard that because it's something that I realized we all do every day, some days better than others! But I think it's key to remind myself of this statement not only during the “dog days,” but everyday this is something that we do from the moment we wake up. Even when no one is looking, it's essential to carry and act on our values accordingly.