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Kenneth Ezell

Kenneth Ezell

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My day-to-day responsibility is making sure that the subcontractors are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, scheduling subcontractors, coordinating material deliveries, and conducting building inspections, fire marshal inspections, and all the other inspections on the project.


I’m married and I have one stepson and one 12-year-old granddaughter.


We have a little farm down in Pelahatchie, Mississippi, where we raise horses and miniature donkeys. I also like to fish and hunt.

Kenneth Ezell


I’m originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I’ve been in construction for a little over 40 years. I had two years of college and then went to work in construction before joining the Navy for two years. I’ve been in construction ever since, serving as general contractor for a good many years down in Louisiana.

Matthew Putnam and I worked together at another company before he joined Winters, and he always told me how much he enjoyed working here. I told him if they ever have an opening to put my name in the hat, and he did. So here I am. They’re just a good company; they don’t build junk. They build a quality product, and I enjoy that. I’ve worked on three projects for Winters so far.


I’ve been in construction all my life and I love what I do. I’m proud of what I do and I like to be able to look at things and see that it looks good and it’s built like it’s supposed to be built with the type of quality that I really like in my life. But it’s something that I’ve done a long, long time, and I take a lot of pride in my work.