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Clay Calhoun

Regional Superintendent

With Winters Construction since



I am responsible for all field operations. My duties include managing the superintendents and the subcontractors, dealing with the local officials, coordinating material suppliers, working with the engineers and the architects, and troubleshooting anything and everything to ensure each job runs as smoothly and is completed in as timely a manner as possible.


I am married to my wife of 27 years, Lynn. We have one son, Hunter, who lives in Birmingham, AL.


I love to hunt, fish, and generally spend time outdoors. I am also always open to whatever travel adventure my wife drags me on.


I am originally from South Mississippi and have an associate degree in Drafting and Design. I have over 35 years in various aspects of the construction industry including drafting, custom home building, and multi-family rehab.


I love the entire construction process from conception to completion. I strive to make sure that we deliver high quality, well built, affordable multi-family housing to the working families in the areas we develop.