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Britton Jones

Owner and Developer
Winters Construction | Britton Jones

Founded Winters Construction



Business acquisition.


Winters, 9; Rowe, 8; Lenna, 6; and Stone, 4.


Anything my kids are into, which currently is primarily youth sports. I love watching them in the various activities, as well as coaching, whenever possible.

Winters Construction | Britton Jones


I grew up in Brandon, Mississippi, and graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Construction Management and Land Development in 2002, andan MBA in 2003.

After college, I went to work for a developer in Jackson, MS as an Estimator/Project Manager for his construction company, which specialized inthe building of multifamily housing. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Oxford, MS to work for another developer who hired me to help start his new in-house construction company. While there, I led all construction, building over 1,000 units and over $120 million in construction throughout Mississippi.

In 2008, I went out on my and own and started Winters Construction and began doing development and construction for myself.


We strive to do all our work to the best of our ability, and to not lose sight that we are ultimately working for the Lord in everything we do. Our goal is to develop high-quality homes for working families throughout the southeast.