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Herb Pedarre

Herb Pedarre

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On the jobsite I make sure everything keeps going. When one subcontractor gets something finished, I’m responsible for getting the next one in. So I schedule the subs and try to get everything completed.


I’m married and we have two adult sons and a stepdaughter. She’s in Virginia and her husband is in the Marine Corps. My son is in Cummings, Georgia, doing trim work and my other son lives in Slidell, Louisiana, doing installation for Lowe’s doors, windows and cabinets. So it’s a construction family. And I have 10 grandkids!


I love the lake. I’ll be on the lake or crabbing as much as possible. If I’m not on my boat, I’m in my cabinet shop, just building stuff.

Herb Pedarre


I was a superintendent for another company for 19 years and I’ve been in construction for 58 years. I went into the mill shops right out of high school and started trimming houses and building homes. It’s what I’ve done all my life.


I’m really happy with Winters. They’re nice and friendly. They treat me like family. I really love the company.